A Step Closer To Holographic Technology

A Step Closer To Holographic Technology

The Microsoft HoloLens begins the first round of shipments to developers. Last year Microsoft announced that they would be releasing an augmented reality headset that creates interactive holographic images.

This first release of the HoloLens is for developers and enterprise users only, meaning that it is still a way away from making it to your average consumer. Although it is currently making its way to the private sector it could be up to five years away from making it to the public market.

The HoloLens is a game changer in the way we interact with media. It is being road-tested at Case Western Reserve University for medical research and education. Nasa will be using the HoloLens to look at Mars and eventually the public will be using it to Skype.

If you feel that your business needs the HoloLens or the HoloLens needs you, head to Microsoft today and see if you meet the criteria.