Alan Jones and Team Ordered to Pay $3.7 Million in...

Alan Jones and Team Ordered to Pay $3.7 Million in Damages for Defamatory Comments

Disgraced radio announcer Alan Jones and 2GB have been ordered to pay damages worth $3.4 million and $350,000 in interest in an ongoing defamation case against himself, 2GB and 4BC. Jones was hit with the defamation charges after accusing the Wagner brothers of being responsible for the death of 12 people in 2011.

The claims rose after several radio broadcasts from 2014 and 2015 were uncovered where Jones blamed John, Neill, Dennis and Joe Wagner for the deaths of a group of people during the Grantham Floods in 2011. The 12 people were killed by a collapsed quarry wall during the floods.

The Queensland Supreme Court found that of 30 radio broadcasts published by Jones between 2014 and 2015, 27 of them contained defamatory claims against the brothers. The court claimed the statements were “of the gravest kind”.

“In the result, Mr Jones, 2GB and 4BC have failed to establish any defence to the defamatory matters published,” a Court summary stated.

Dennis Wagner believes that justice has been served, and is satisfied with the result of the case.

“Justice Flanagan has delivered a judgment today which has clearly indicated that people, regardless of how much influence they may consider they have, will be held accountable for their words and actions.”

This is Jones’ second make controversy in the last 2 months. In August, he used the N-Word on live radio when describing MP Mathias Cormann during the Liberal Spill.