Amazon set to hit Australian shores at the end of ...

Amazon set to hit Australian shores at the end of 2018


Amazon is due to hit Australia, but not anytime soon. The Seattle-based online retailer is expected to launch in Australia by the end of 2018.

Although it will take some time to arrive, the one-stop online shop for consumers has grander ambitions in Australia than previously expected. Brittain Ladd, Amazon’s former global logistics manager, has revealed that the company will be bringing its full range down under. Ladd asserts that the retail giant will be providing “as many services and products as possible within Australia”.

In addition, an Amazon Prime Now service will be created specifically for Australian consumers. This service will include faster shipping for all users who are members of the retail giant, along with other advantages. This isn’t the only new service being offered to the Australian market, as Amazon Fresh will also cater to the local market. Fresh is a grocery-delivery service that could revolutionise the supermarket industry in Australia, particularly in rural areas.

Furthermore, Amazon Go will be launching soon in the US, and there is a possibility that this could be introduced in Australia as well. Similarly to Aldi, Go would provide checkouts and a limited number of physical products for people to inspect. However, Ladd stated that we would only see Go in Australia “after Amazon has become more established in the country and analysis determines the market will support physical stores”.

With all these great advantages on the way, what does this mean for Australian retailers?

Although retailers are concerned about the impact of the online retailer, many experts are expecting a positive result.

According to The Australian’s Graham Jackson; “Amazon’s imminent arrival is the necessary shake-up the Australian retail industry needs. It will drive change at a faster rate than we’ve seen in many years”.

Jackson believes that the competition will ensure that Australian retailers will have a drive to innovate and be the best before the online company launches in Australia. Another expert believes that small businesses will benefit from the exposure of partnering with Amazon to sell their products.