The new Apple iOS update is futuristic

The new Apple iOS update is futuristic

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Apple have once again updated their software system for iOS and it has a lot of new features that cater to the needs of Apple users.

The new update best suits Apple users who have the most current Apple software. If you’ve got the iPhone 7, a car that can connect to your phone, and if you’ve shelled out for those fancy AirPods, this update will suit you perfectly.

Apple has realised that since the AirPods don’t have a cord (and therefore are easier to lose that way), they’ve installed the ‘Find my iPhone’ stratagem to make the AirBuds play sound so you can find them with ease. This feature is brilliant, especially if you’ve lost them in a public place or down the back of the couch.

With the Apple update, Siri is also stronger than she was before. With the update, Siri now has the ability to pay and check your bank statements through your payment apps on your phone, as well as check the status of bills.

Siri also has the ability to sync up with your car and the apps in your car to check fuel, operate the lights, and beep the horn for you. For music fans that use Apple Music through CarPlay, the new update also includes daily curated playlists and new categories within Apple Music.

Here are some other features:

  • Siri now supports scheduling with ride-booking apps
  • CarPlay will display shortcuts in the status bar for your last used apps
  • CarPlay’s Apple Music ‘now playing’ display will give you access to the ‘up next’ screen as well as the album of the song currently playing
  • iTunes video rentals can now be watched across all your devices, rather than just the device on which the video was rented
  • You can now share episodes from the Podcasts app through Messages with full playback support

However, while you’re updating, be aware that it takes a bit longer due to the Apple File System that is being implemented in the new update. The Apple File System (APFS) will be changing the files on your iPhone from the 30 year old system that they’re used to (HFS+) to APFS.

This means that the format of your files will be changed. It is very important that you backup before doing this update, as a backup ensures that you’ll have all of your data available even if something goes wrong during the update. Currently, there’s nothing you can do if you want to convert your files back, according to Apple.