Apple’s new iOS 10 update causing major prob...

Apple’s new iOS 10 update causing major problems for users


Apple’s recent software update, iOS 10, didn’t quite receive the praise Apple was expecting following its release this week. In fact, it caused major problems for many people.

According to a number of social media complaints, users were not happy. They encountered several installation problems, and for some the update process even failed. On screen error messages prompted users to attach their devices to a computer for a complete restore, but some claimed the devices wouldn’t turn on after the restoration process was complete.

An Apple spokesperson addressed these issues and told The Verge the problems had been fixed. According to Apple, users should now safely be able to install iOS 10 without unexpected crashes.

“We experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability,” the spokesperson said. “The problem was quickly resolved and we apologise to those customers. Anyone who was affected should connect to iTunes to complete the update or contact AppleCare for help.”

The aim of the update was to improve the Siri voice recognition and messaging software, but it also revamped some of iOS’ other aesthetics and features.

The lock screen, for example, has completely changed.  The ‘slide to unlock’ screen has been removed, and now users have to unlock their devices by pressing the home button once. The lock screen will also stay ignited until users turn it off manually.

Perhaps the biggest transformation of all are the changes to the ‘messages’ App. It now has the option of sending pictures, handwritten drawings and heartbeats. Apps have also been introduced into messages, which users can access by clicking on the icon that looks similar to the App Store’s icon. Once in these apps, users can access a number of different apps, such as tools for sending people money and GIFs.


Notifications have also changed, with them becoming much larger. When they appear on lock screens, you can now interact with them by pressing in different directions. For example, when someone sends an SMS you can now use ‘hard’ or ‘long’ press and respond to text messages accordingly.

Apple’s new and improved ‘Maps’ App has been met with both positive and negative feedback. Its design and features have both been extensively refurbished. There is now the option to change routes mid journey and zoom in and out at any time. Stop offs can also be scheduled – with the App allowing people to seek resources such as petrol or coffee in between stops. However, its biggest change is probably the search bar at the bottom of the page. It looks at device history and mail, and uses this information to provide suggestions for where users are likely headed.

Some other major changes include a useful 3D touch pad, the way apps are deleted, changes to photos (using artificial intelligence to search for things), changes to Apple music and an improved keyboard that reads messages and provides suggested answers to questions.

iOS 10 has caused problems for a significant amount of people, with many complaining that all the extra power required is draining their devices’ battery lives. Others have embraced the changes with open arms, but have admitted the updates will take some time getting used to.

Now that the software installation process has been resolved, Apple had reassured users that all other changes will be much smoother and more user-friendly from here on out.