Aussie startup that displays ads for lower phone b...

Aussie startup that displays ads for lower phone bills set to launch in the U.S.

Adds are the bane of everyones existence, but after reading this you might grow some affection for them.

Australian startup, Unlockd, will pay you to to spend time with advertising. On Wednesday, the company announced it had secured a deal with U.S. mobile provider Boost Mobile, a Sprint Telecom company, to do just that.

Boost users can choose to be shown an ad when unlocking their Android smartphone, which would take off US$5 (A$7) off their monthly phone bill. The ad could include a geo-targeted offer or branded content that Unlockd will attempt to tailor to the user’s interests.

“If the consumer sees ads, our philosophy is there should be a value exchange,” Unlockd CEO Matt Berriman told Mashable Australia.

At launch, some of its U.S. advertisers include Starbucks, Levi’s and Hulu, and search partner, Yahoo.

Via Mashable AU