Australia’s astronomy upgrade set to soar fo...

Australia’s astronomy upgrade set to soar for early next year

Australia astronomy

Australia is set to be part of a ground-breaking astronomy deal that will see Australia partner with European Southern Observatory to have access to the best technology and equipment.

The partnership will be for a 10 year period and the investment is a whopping $129 million. The collaboration will start next year and hopefully take Australian astronomy to the next level. Astronomers in Australia will have access to the world’s best tools for research, including 8m telescopes.

“This important partnership with a world-class organisation will allow Australia to maintain its research excellence in this era of global astronomy, and provides crucial opportunities for Australian influence and technical and scientific input, stimulating international research and industry collaborations, ” said a statement by the Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science.

This partnership agreement will benefit not only astronomers, but also Australian businesses. It is believed that small and medium-sized businesses will have plenty of opportunities for further development. Businesses in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as electronics and sensors, will have a chance to take advantage of these opportunities.

“Australia has a long and rich history of internationally acclaimed astronomical research. The already very active and successful astronomical community will undoubtedly thrive with long-term access to ESO’s cutting-edge facilities,” said Professor Tim de Zeeuw, the Director-General for the European Southern Observatory.

“By working together, we can sustain and strengthen Australia’s world-leading astronomy capability and seize this unprecedented opportunity to secure the future of optical astronomy in this country”.

There is no telling where the future holds for Australia and the field of science and astronomy. I am sure scientists cannot wait for 2018 because it seems as though this upgrade is what Australia has been waiting for.