Australians speak up as ScoMo continues to fumble ...

Australians speak up as ScoMo continues to fumble the ball

As the nation continues to battle against bushfires ravaging all along the east coast, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s approval rating has taken a severe beating, which can be only be attributed to his absolute lack of leadership in the face of one of the most devastating crisis our country has ever seen.

In a time where our country is in sore need of a leader, Scott Morrison has repeatedly mocked the Australian public for ever keeping him in office in the first place.

A Newspoll survey conducted on 12 January saw that the PM’s approval rating had nosedived by 9%, with voters placing favour in a Labour party government for the first time since the Federal election.

Surely this cannot be news to Mr. Morrison. From taking a planned vacation to Hawaii prior to Christmas as families across New South Wales and Queensland had their homes and livelihoods ravaged, to his consistent fumbling over his party’s stance on volunteer firefighter compensation and a plainly shameful attitude when tasked with meeting with the towns affected by the coast’s fire epidemic, last Sunday’s poll caps off a dismal few months for the nation’s leader.

What’s more, the PM, like many of his Liberal party buddies, continues to either flat out deny or, more frequently, evade questions surrounding the links between his beloved coal, climate change, and the severe weather conditions that have seen our nation set alight all summer long.

After months of backlash from the Australian media and public alike, it seemed that Morrison could stoop no lower, until January 5th, when the nation’s leader thought it appropriate to pat himself on the back in the form of a Liberal Part campaign ad, in where he bragged his party’s efforts in the face of the crisis.

Naturally, the video was swiftly condemned by many, with previous Labour party leader and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd admonishing ScoMo for his tone-deaf marketing ploy.

Even famed conservative and all-round drainer talkshow host Piers Morgan took aim at the PM, tweeting that the ad was a “self-promotional commercial with cheesy elevator music.”

“This is one of the most tone-deaf things I’ve seen a country’s leader put out during a crisis. Shameless and shameful.”

When someone like Piers Morgan is calling out the actions of another conservative for being shameful, you know you’re in dire straits.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the nation is crying out for leadership in a time where we need it most, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison just doesn’t fit the bill.

Featured Image Source: ABC News/Matt Roberts