Bill passed to legalise medicinal marijuana in Aus...

Bill passed to legalise medicinal marijuana in Australia

Today the Australian government passed a medical marijuana bill to allow the access of medicinal cannabis for people suffering from serious illness. Products such as cannabis oil can be used to treat nausea during chemotherapy and other treatments. Health Minister Sussan Ley said, “This is the missing piece in a patient’s treatment journey and will now see seamless access to locally-produced medicinal cannabis products from farm to pharmacy.”

The passing of amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act will allow genuine patients to no longer be treated as criminals. The bill explanation reads, “The amendments will establish a licensing scheme for the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and related scientific purposes.” Growing marijuana recreationally will remain illegal with state-based criminal laws still in place.

Cannabis cultivation must be authorised under the Therapeutics Goods Act 1989 and a patient can possess it solely with a valid prescription.

The Parliament of Australia today passed the Turnbull Government’s historic legislation which will deliver the missing…

Posted by Sussan Ley MP on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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