BMW just released all the fancy details of its new...

BMW just released all the fancy details of its new electric i4 Gran Coupe

Just yesterday, BMW came forth with all the juicy details for its new i4 Gran Coupe sedan. Since the release of the i3 in 2013, BMW has been working hard on its electric car technology, with the i4 as a massive step forward for BMW into the electromobility market. 

The plans for the i4 were set to debut at the Geneva Motor show, but it was cancelled over Coronavirus fears.

The i4 has some amazing new features, with the battery alone set to challenge Tesla for the top spot in the market. The impressive 80kWh battery can go from 0-100km in just four seconds, while having a range of 600km/ph. A considerable threat to Tesla’s 600km/100kWh. 

Another remarkable feature of i4 is its internal specs. The front interior of the car has been fitted around the impressive screen, ensuring the car a luxurious and sleek design. The screen itself has some incredible features, with its dual control and information display and its 3-mode experience function, the specs are designed to create a more intuitive user experience. The 3-mode function highlights some of the car’s more exciting driving technology, including autopilot, assisted driver, and sports mode. Some big scores for the i4 as the new electric car front runner.


Source: BMW

The exterior is just as stunning, in the classic BMW design, with its kidney shaped grilles, and its L shaped back, improving aerodynamic performance. 

Source: BMW

The pre production plans of the i4 came as a surprise to the car market, as BMW has not released plans for an electric car in seven years. Critics claim the lack of progress into the electromobility industry has compromised BMW’s hold on the global car market, falling behind brands like Volkswagen and Jaguar, who have invested more securely in the electromobility industry. 

But BMW’s CEO Oliver Zipse, is optimistic about the coming of the i4. In a statement made to CBNC Zipse the i4 will bring “electromobility to the heart of the BMW brand,” thus stabilising the company’s position in the global market. 

BMW announced it will begin plans of production in their Munich plant in 2021.