Alcohol banned at Coogee for the rest of summer

Alcohol banned at Coogee for the rest of summer

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Alcohol has been banned at Coogee beach for summer after 10,000 party goers absolutely trashed it on Christmas day. 15 tonnes of garbage was left behind forcing the Randwick City Council to declare the beach alcohol free. Council workers were left to clean up the mess from broken bottles, leftover food and wrapping paper.

Mayor, Noel D’Souza said, “The poor and inappropriate behaviour of a few on Christmas Day have forced Council to introduce a total alcohol ban for the area for summer. The public outrage to the devastation of the parks and beach itself on Christmas Day has been quite phenomenal. The clear message we’ve received is that we need to give the beach and nearby parks back to all people to enjoy peacefully and safely.”

The ban applies to Coogee Beach and all nearby parks and reserves starting tomorrow, December 29 and will continue until the end of summer.

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