Corporate Wellness an Integral Part of success?

Corporate Wellness an Integral Part of success?

In this day and age, we run on sensory overload as a given, from screens to sounds, our eyes and ears dart and our mind jolts around in between. This aside we spike ourselves on stimulants like coffee, processed sugar, alcohol and pharmaceuticals along with a 5 am wake up it means it is normal to wake up with a feeling of dread and anxiety for the day ahead. This, a stressful job and the commitments of everyday life and you have a recipe for anxiety and depression.

Because of this crazy world in which we live an enlightened few have caught on to the notion of corporate wellness and the necessity for it in our current state of affairs. Corporate wellness is built upon the notion that the worker works best when they are well physically, mentally and spiritually. It comes in the form of retreats, seminars, weekly check-ins, gyms on site, counsellors on site, healthy snack bars, yoga and meditation classes and charity running groups not only creating healthy habits for the body, mind and soul but creating a sense of community and belonging in the workplace around these activities and premises.

With Corporate Wellness now a billion dollar industry the investors in corporate wellness endeavours have seen its ability for profitability. Whether you are a frazzled individual needing to get some wellness into your life so you can work effectively towards your goals or you are a business owner identifying the place for this in your workplace; corporate wellness is a fundamental step in overcoming the suicide epidemic and allowing for an evolved idea of the work life balance. Corporate wellness fosters the creation of more efficient workers simply because their need for a holistic happiness has been recognised, respected and promoted by the workplace.