Flight Centre help 2500 redundant Dick Smith emplo...

Flight Centre help 2500 redundant Dick Smith employees

Flight Centre

Human Resources director for Flight Centre Travel Group, Carol Cooper, announced that Dick Smith employees facing redundancy would get through to the final stage of the travel agency’s recruitment process. Dick Smith announced their closure last week, which will result in 2,460 job losses over the next eight weeks.

A letter obtained by Business Insider revealed, “Now that all avenues for a sale of Dick Smith business in Australia and New Zealand have been exhausted, the receivers and managers have no option but to commence a controlled closure program.”

Considering the circumstances, it is heart-warming to know that other businesses are showing their support for all of the workers that will become jobless. Cooper told News Corp, “We sympathise with the tough position these employees are in and recognise that they have good customer service skills and sale experience that we believe would make them an asset to our company.” The offer aims to help former staff obtain ‘sales consultant support roles’ with Flight Centre Travel Group.

Those interested can email [email protected] or are more than welcome to attend information days held around Australia.

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