Disposable phone chargers a real thing

Disposable phone chargers a real thing

‘Juice’ is the first disposable and portable phone charger that can charge any smartphone, anytime and anywhere. Hani Jouaji, a visual designer was born in Syria and created his industry in England.

The battery can fit in your wallet, purse or even your pocket. It can charge your phone from 0-40%, coming in Android and IOS. Once it is completed charging, you simply dispose of the battery pack. It will be ideal when travelling for work or on weekends while hiking with friends. The charger will turn off after 4 hours and your battery will be at 40% when it is complete.

The battery is 100% green-lit and sustainable so there is no need to worry about the harsh side effects to the environment. It is also low-weight so it will not be too heavy to carry around when you are shopping or even going for a run.

However, when this design released there was an outcry about the company’s ‘green’ message: “We are a brand new company founded in 2015 and hope to change the charging era in green and environmentally safe products”. The battery must be disposed of correctly anyway because of the harmful chemicals already within the charger. This is why reviewers are stating it is quite hypocritical to assume they are doing the right thing by making it disposable, when really it will harm the earth more.