Eco-Business is The Way Forward

As we sit on the precipice of climate change and the irreversible damage that we are doing to this planet it is time to examine our behaviours in society and reshape them for the people of tomorrow.

As we live in a capitalist world and money seems to make the world spin around business is the primary mechanism that we can harness to re-target our trajectory from doom and gloom to a promising tomorrow.
Eco-business is the ONLY way forward if you want long-term profitability. When we look at organic produce sales alone they went from US$3.4billion in 1997 to US$35billion in 2014. This growth showcases the large-scale ability for eco-business to grow in relatively short periods of time.

As we move further into climate change the pressing need for conscious business grows whilst the way we look at businesses who continue to abuse the only home we have darkens daily. We move into the age of the people; with crowd-funding, online campaigns and social media fuelling the way in which we develop, establish and look at business now.

Boycotting companies have become a social norm, as their practices are uncovered. For example Nestlé a company that uses unsustainable palm oil and ANZ a company that supports the drilling of the Great Barrier Reef have both been identified by many consumers as unethical choices, which consumers will boycott. Because of the Internet age, boycotting companies has never been easier and this is a huge motivator in being a business on the right side of history.

Making your business eco-friendly can start small and work towards larger goals but for optimal profitability and consumer growth margins make this a key focus for your business in 2016 with the added bonus of helping our planet and reducing your impact.