Eero is the solution to your Wi-Fi problems

Eero is the solution to your Wi-Fi problems

With multiple routers, Eero aims to eliminate Wi-Fi buffering and dead zones around the house. Wi-Fi has become a way of life and so has the typical frustration caused when the connection drops. Up until now, users have relied on a single hub to provide internet to the whole house. The idea behind Eero is to use multiple routers that talk to one another to improve Wi-Fi signals across distances.

Eero aims to “blanket your home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi” with a set of three covering the typical home. The company explains it is simple physics – you need multiple access points for strong connections. It is easy to set up as you just have to plug one device into your modem and plug additional modems into standard power outlets.

Eeros are finally starting to ship out their pre-orders and are now available to order for those in the U.S. Hopefully they’ll be coming to Australia soon but there is no news as of yet.

Eero shared this very funny and very relatable video to promote their life-saving product.

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