Female ride-sharing service

Ride sharing

Ride-sharing has become all the rage these days but it’s no surprise some women are hesitant to use this form of transportation after hearing about bad experiences female passengers have had with drivers. Therefore one company has created an Uber-style car service with just female drivers for women and children passengers only.

Chariot For Women was originally conceived by Kelly Pelletz whose husband quickly made a business plan and founded the business. They claim that their mission is to empower women all over the world and their customer’s safety is their number one priority. Passengers and customers will have to exchange a secret password before the trip begins.

One Facebook user commented on their page saying, “What is the policy on transgender women? Bigender, and other non binary individuals.” Chariot For Women responded, “Any person who identifies as a woman will absolutely be eligible to driver for us or ride with us.”

The company is now running a competition to create a new name that resonates with their customers as they claim Chariot For Women is YOUR company. It could perhaps also be influenced by the questionable name choice to begin with and for marketing reasons. However, if you’re interested you can simply head over to their Facebook page to enter.

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