The future for Trump’s businesses

The future for Trump’s businesses

As Donald Trump has been made president of the United States, questions have now risen concerning the future of Trump’s businesses. Trump is currently the chairman and president of the Trump Organisation, a conglomerate owning properties on a global scale, which includes hotels, golf courses and commercial spaces. While the Trump Organisation is primarily real estate based, the company is also responsible for brands including The Apprentice, various books such as The Art of the Deal, plus Trump Natural Spring Water.

With regards to his business, Trump has revealed his plans to cut ties from his business, before handing the company over to its vice presidents, his three eldest children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump.

“If I become president, I couldn’t care less about my company. It’s peanuts,” Trump stated in a debate in early January. “I want to make America rich again, and to make America great again. I have Ivanka and Eric and Don sitting there with my executives. And I wouldn’t ever be involved, because I wouldn’t care about anything but our country.”

There has been no current indication in terms of whether or not Trump has changed his mind. However, Donald Trump Jr. has announced that he is more than willing to take on the responsibility.

“It’s what we do,” he explained during an interview with ABC News’ chief anchor, George Stephanopoulos. “We’re builders.”

However, despite Trump’s claim for separation, critics are arguing that this choice may appear more difficult than it seems. Throughout his campaign, Trump chose to reap the benefits of the publicity and promote his brand and according to the data collected by Foursquare, this may have done more harm than good. Trump-branded hotels, casinos and golf courses have decreased in terms of visits since Trump announced his candidacy back in June 2015. But since the results of last night’s election, an overnight survey conducted by Brand Keys found that once Trump’s name was added to a brand, there was a return to the normal numbers prior to his candidacy announcement.