The Great Barrier reef is dying, and we should car...

The Great Barrier reef is dying, and we should care.

Coral bleaching

With the federal election getting closer every day, certain issues which continue to be forgotten are brought to the forefront of Australia’s attention. The terrible treatment subsequent destruction of the Great Barrier Reef is one of those issues, and a recent video advert is urging Australians to ‘Vote for the Reef’ on July 2nd. A partnership between the Australian Marine Conservation Society and WWF-Australia has borne Fight for the Reef, who’s new video campaign appeals to the public to speak directly to our politicians about the damage already suffered by the Great Barrier Reef, and how to prevent further issues.

The owner of Sundowner Cruises is the central feature of the ad, and she knows first hand how important the reef is for tourism, jobs and overall Australian culture. She’s hoping this advertisement will help really open Australian’s eyes to the fact that coral bleaching, pollution and global warming are a genuine and very large threat. Recently, news broke that the Reef may need up to $16 billion to fix farm pollution flowing into it. We’ve already let the damage get far enough that fixing it is far more costly than it should be.

Fight for the Reef has a petition directly asking the leading politicians to commit to a future plan of conservation for this beautiful part of the Australian landscape, which you can sign here.

You can also check out the video advertisement below.

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