Hire a Tesla Model S for a day


You can now hire a Tesla. Yep, that’s right folks you can hire the revolutionary Tesla Model S for travel between Sydney and Canberra as well as hire it for the day in Sydney. According to Gizmodo the luxury electric car costs about $95,000 for the 60kWh and $200,000 for the fully-optioned, performance-spec 85kWh. If that’s a little to a lot out of your price range but cruising around in the car of the future is a dream of yours, one company has come to your rescue.

Eveeh have started a Tesla rental service to make electric transportation more affordable and enjoyable. Emitting no CO2 is just one of the many reasons why this is where the future of travelling is heading towards. A Canberra-Sydney route is priced at $280 one way or in other words $70 split between four passengers. Clients will be able to enjoy the best car in the world with most of the journey able to be auto piloted. Running out and paying for petrol will be a problem of the past because after a quick break topping up the battery at the Tesla supercharger in Goulburn, you’ll be on the road again in no time. The Tesla can also be hired for $600 for a day so you can environmentally friendly drive around as much as you want over a whole day.

There’s no need to worry about organising a ride to your new ride because Eveeh also offer an “at-your-door” service where they will drop and pick the car up at desired locations. The company aim to turn travel time into time travel in an electric, self-driving luxury and not have to spend a cent on fuel.

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