Masters getting more backlash on end days

Masters getting more backlash on end days

With customers hoping to get a good bargain at the closing down sale for Masters, they are actually getting rude customer service and seeing staff left to fend for themselves in the heavy rain.

The retailer is looking to sell more than $700 million worth of stock in time for their doors to close on December 11.

More attention has been placed however on the staff members rude service and not being clear on prices for available stock. Customers are going to Facebook to write about the issues they faced when attending the store.

“It’s no wonder you are closing down when your staff are to busy holding their own conversations and really can’t be bothered actually doing their job,” complained one customer.

“I guess that’s why Bunning’s isn’t closing down” said some customers on their Facebook profile.

Masters have replied to all complaints stating, they will notify management to make sure it was further investigated and dealt with correctly.

Customers were also not pleased with the ‘discounts’ their store were offering on wallpaper or tiling.



It is not going great for staff or management either as they cannot afford to give their full-time staff redundancy packages. Staff members are also starting to complain about customers getting angry and being disrespectful.

With one staff member stating “I have been verbally abused and then filmed so that it can be put on social media as ‘horrible service’ and had to literally clean up someone’s sh*t in the public bathrooms at our store.”

“I come to work with a smile on my face every time because I want to try and have a good day at work, even when I know I’m going to be treated like sh*t.”

“If you come in and treat me like a human being then I would happily help and serve you but treat me like sh*t then go help yourself, I’m not paid to deal with your abuse.”

One customer said “Must be soul destroying to know that you will shortly be out of a job in today’s job market.”