Medibank customers delayed in processing tax retur...

Medibank customers delayed in processing tax returns


It’s that time of year again when Australians get their tax returns ready to lodge to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) but for Medibank customers that may be a while longer.

Australia’s leading health insurance provider has reportedly been stopped in its tracks after a technical failure regarding customer data migration.

Over four million Australians will be affected by this setback. Craig Drummond, Medibank’s chief executive has publicly apologised for the disruption. Drummond stressed that customers personal data has not been compromised despite this delay.

The company is already in hot water from Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for misleading conduct; when they didn’t make it known to customers that common hospital tests would no longer be covered. Many customers received unforeseen out of pocket expenses for X-rays, CT scans and blood tests. One customer even received a $1500 bill. Not only was the policy actually changed in September 2014; it was selfishly concealed so that a mass customer exodus wouldn’t occur and that they could boost profits.

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