Meditation For Success

Studies have come out highlighting the benefits of meditation and when we look at these benefits we can see that it is a vital tool for success. With many successful individuals already swearing by it, it is about time that you understand why meditation is so great and where you can go to begin a practice.

Meditation is not designated to those seeking a path to spiritual enlightenment. In reality, meditation is something that should be designated to everyone. Meditation is for everybody and everybody can experience some enticing benefits from a daily practice.

The studies are in on the benefits of mediation and they prove fruitful. UCLA discovered that meditating slows down the aging process of the brain by preserving grey matter in the brain and in turn optimising brain function. A study by Yale suggests that meditation reduces the activity in the “me centre” of the brain resulting in less wandering thoughts. A study at John Hopkins showcased the effects meditation can have on anxiety and depression and the results stated that it rivalled the effects of antidepressants. A Harvard study found that meditation could restructure the brain.

A study by The University of California showed that after just a few days of practice, attention is increased. A Stanford study showed that a mindfulness practice of meditation could decrease the symptoms of those suffering from social anxiety disorders. A combined study between Texas Tech, The university of Texas and The University of Oregon paired meditation with those trying to quit smoking and discovered it could help people overcome addictions via an increase in self-control. Another study out of the University of California showed that meditation could even help increase productivity and behaviour of children who take meditation breaks at school.

The studies show that meditation provides the building blocks for a strong and happy mind in which the path to success can flourish. By applying a meditation practice you optimise your chances of success. If you look at meditation as the exercise for the brain and include it in your approach to health, it can become a part of your routine just like the gym and  a commitment to eat well.

Meditation is accessible in the Internet age and no longer requires a deep study or religion based experience. A great way to bring meditation into your life is through the app Headspace. Headspace offers a meditation experience catered to the 21st century and the busy individual and can be a key tool in your success within other areas of your life.