Microsoft is breaking into the lucrative weed busi...

Microsoft is breaking into the lucrative weed business

Weed plant

Although according to the federal government in the US, marijuana is still illegal, many states have legalised the trade. Big businesses are yet to openly associate themselves with the plant, that is, until Microsoft announced their new software.

The new software is reportedly going to help keep the marijuana trade in the light of legality, by tracking the plants from just seeds up until they’re sold on the market.

The software is a partnership with KIND financial, a small company in America trying to commercialise the sale of weed. This is fairly in line with how quickly states all over the US are planning to legalise marijuana, with states including California, Minnesota, New York and Washington all recently legalising the growth and sale of marijuana, within certain rules of course.

Despite this, big banks and businesses are incredibly reluctant to associate themselves with the business, in fear of increased monitoring by law force and a decline in their reputation. Microsoft is making groundbreaking progress by developing, and marketing this software, which definitely reflects the changing cultural perception of marijuana not only in America, but worldwide.

Microsoft will have no interaction with the actual plants or sales, but their software will be used in conjunction with KIND’s sales and local and state government, while they try to build compliance systems.

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