Millennials prioritise sustainability

Millennial businessman

Every year, the consulting firm Deloitte undertakes a survey of millennials and their priorities, with the 2016 version yielding interesting yet not so unsurprising results. They interview almost 7,700 people, all of whom are born after 1982, possess a secondary education degree and are employed full-time.

Overall, the study showed that people in this age group were less engaged and loyal to their employers, two out of every three participants saying they would like to change where they are by 2020.

The group seemed to place a priority on the ethical sustainability when examining how they view certain businesses, and overall it seems pretty clear that as a consensus, the group believes in the utter importance of creating businesses that positively affect the world as a whole. Additionally, they seem less disenfranchised with big business than in previous years, but still hold a weariness about the motivations of big business to act ethically.

These results really don’t come as much of a surprise, as it seems to be a pretty common trend among millennials to focus on sustainability and ethical practices rather than quick money-making schemes that will ultimately cheat consumers. The generation seems as a whole to be more ethically focused than predecessors, and it’s quickly becoming a large motivator in business practices.

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