What We Missed While the Government Was in Lockdow...

What We Missed While the Government Was in Lockdown

The country watched on yesterday with bated breath as a bloody battle for Prime Ministership was fought between Malcolm “the government I have led is a very effective one” Turnbull and Peter “The Prime Minister has my full support” Dutton. In the meantime, however, much larger domestic and international issues have occurred, and have been swept under the rug in light of the liberal spill.

Here’s what we missed while we were watching shots of grown adults walk around Parliament House for the better part of half a day:

Manus Island Hits New Low as Children Hospitalised for Self-Harming

Photo Source: The Guardian

A 12 year old girl was sent to hospital overnight after attempting to set herself alight on Nauru. The girl had been visited by a psychiatrist a week prior, who recommended that the child be moved to Australia.

This is just one of many cases of young children attempting self harm as a result of their entrapment in the camp. A 17-year-old is being treated for forgoing food and drinks for three weeks in a hunger strike. She has been diagnosed with a depressive disorder and resignation syndrome since being hospitalised. A 12-year-old boy has also been sent to Australia after participating in a hunger strike for more than two weeks, and is currently being sustained by intravenous fluids.

The Department of Home Affairs is currently looking for countries to evacuate the refugees from Nauru.

Cop Jailed After Punching Teenage Boy and Deleting Evidence

Senior Constable Simon Mareangareu. Photo Source: The Advertiser

Melbourne-based police officer, Simon Mareangareu, was sent to jail last night after being found guilty of assaulting a 17-year-old boy and deleting the evidence of the attack. The boy and his friend were stopped by Senior Constable Mareangareu who told them they were suspected of vandalism and burglary. The friend of the victim filmed the police as he assaulted the boy, before discovering that the footage taken of the attack had been deleted by the senior constable.

The police officer had previously been known for his acts of heroism, and had a clean record. Mareangareu had risked his life twice preventing suicides and by saving a man from drowning while off duty. The aggravating factors of the case, however, were enough for Judge Morrish to sentence him to 12 months imprisonment and a $5000 fine.

Alan Jones’ Racist Slur on Live Radio

Photo Source: Start at 60.

Talkback presenter and disgraced radio host Alan Jones has been caught out in yet another scandal, when he used an offensive racial slur on live radio. Jones used the phrase, “n****r in the woodpile” on his 2GB breakfast radio show while addressing the resignation of former senator and Finance Minister, Mathias Cormann.

Jones has taken to Twitter this morning to try and apologise for his actions.

We all make mistakes. This morning on 2GB and 4BC I spoke about the covert actions of some political operatives in the current leadership challenges within the Liberal Party,” he said on Twitter this morning.

“I used an old and offensive figure of speech that I regret saying. People should be honest and forthright in their actions and that is not happening in the Liberal Party right now,” he added.

President Trump’s Former Campaign Chairman Found Guilty for 8 Counts of Tax and Bank Fraud

Photo Source: Mashable

Paul Manafort has recently been found guilty of 8 charges of tax and bank fraud this week. The acts of fraud date back earlier than his work with President Trump. This comes on the same day that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to finance violations during Trump’s campaign.

Prosecutors convicted Manafort of concealing $16 million from US tax authorities, and lying to banks to gain $20 million in loans. Manafort’s double conviction of bank fraud comes with a 30 year prison sentence.