Netflix now available to watch offline

Netflix now available to watch offline

The streaming video titan Netflix unveiled a major update yesterday, allowing viewers to download content for offline viewing. This is a must-have feature for the binge watchers gearing up for the Christmas holidays, and has long been requested by users.

Only selected content will be available immediately, including Netflix original content such as Orange is the New Black, Narcos and Stranger Things. Some third-party content is available, such as Parks and Recreation and Mad Men, but Netflix insists that more content will be available for download soon.

Offline viewing will be available across all Netflix packages and will work on Apple and Andriod devices, although there is no feature for laptop or desktop computers. Production Innovation Chief Eddy Wu explained that the download process will match the ease of using Netflix.

“Just click the download button on the details page for a film or TV series and you can watch it later without an internet connection.”

Netflix has long been opposed to the use of offline viewing services, however it has been indicating a change of opinion in recent months. It is speculated that this feature is a reaction to the PlayOn Cloud app, which allows users to download content from any streaming service to watch offline. The adoption of the feature could also be an attempt to match the same service offered by Amazon Video, which allows the download of all of its content.

Offline viewing will make Netflix much more accessible to customers worldwide, particularly in poor internet areas and the developing markets in Asia and Africa. The new feature will go far to combat the slowing growth rate of US subscribers, whilst also augmenting the growth of the international subscriber market.

In reaction to the announcement, Netflix shares rose as much as 2.4% before settling at a 0.1% increase yesterday. So happy binge-watching!