Online Advertisements Overtaking On Screen

Online Advertisements Overtaking On Screen

The Internet is the place to advertise! According to forecaster ZenithOptimedia, the annual spending on Internet advertising will rival that of television in 2016 and overtake it by 2018.

This means that the future of advertising lies on the Internet. With streaming services and movement away from traditional television viewing systems, advertising moves more into the realms of social media and online publications to seek out consumers.

As we move further into the Internet age businesses shift into spending more of their advertising budget online rather than onscreen. This is a change in the dynamics of advertising and the way businesses and the consumer deal with advertising across a range of mediums.

Although the initial forecast for 2016 was a 4.7% increase in growth in online advertising it has dropped back to 4.6%. This is still significantly larger than 2015’s 3.9% growth according to ZenithOptimedia.