OzHarvest saves untouched plane food from airlines...

OzHarvest saves untouched plane food from airlines to help local charities

OzHarvest Brisbane has started working with airlines flying in and out of Brisbane, collecting uneaten sandwiches, apples, muesli bars and biscuits, the ABC reports.

The food charity was founded in 2004 and rescues quality excess food from commercial outlets across the country for delivery, direct and free of charge, to more than 200 charities.

The group has been collective between 200 and 400 kilograms each day within the Brisbane Airport precinct. Queensland state manager Cameron Hickey said a lot of the food came from flights that were cancelled or changed. “We collect the food that didn’t end up on the flight or did end up on the flight but hasn’t been opened,” he said.

To help airlines work at cutting down their food waste, OzHarvest tracked the food saved from airlines including quantities, types and on what days.

“With that dada many of the airlines have seen a drop in excess food and are tightening their food waste.” Mr Hickey said. “Our aim is to show them where the gaps are, and if we can help tidy up the airlines and help them get more efficient, then we’ll move onto another industry and go there.”