Prime Minister Scott Morrison was notably missing ...

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was notably missing from a large national event and Twitter users were quick to notice

Australian Twitter was flooded last weekend with tweets sporting the hashtag #NotMyPM in protest of Prime Minister Scott Morrison electing to miss celebrations of the closure of one of Australia’s most sacred indigenous sites, Uluru, from being accessed and climbed by tourists and members of the public.

After decades of activism and protests by the Indigenous Anangu people, the spiritual custodians of the land, the site was officially closed in November 2017, with ratified changes coming into effect last week. To acknowledge the historic milestone, Australian political and social figures, members of the Indigenous community and the public all gathered to celebrate.

However, one notable person of prominence seemed to be missing from the festivities. In an absolutely tone-deaf move, PM Scott Morrison instead was reported to have attended a Constellation Cup netball match in Western Australia, attributing his absence to media late last Monday afternoon to not being able to be “in two places at once”. The national leader stated,

“My schedule didn’t permit me to be there. I can’t be in two places at once. I was in WA on the weekend and I was travelling back with my family from the West Australian telethon”.

Indigenous Australian Minister Ken Wyatt was also noticeably missing from the event.

In a matter of hours, the hashtag #NotMyPM became the number one trending topic on the Australian Twitter platform, with commentators labelling the PM as “selfish” and “privileged”, marking his absence as an “unforgivable insult”.



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