Remembrance Day in 2016

Exactly 98 years ago today, at approximately 11am, silence echoed throughout the Western Front, marking the end of a 4 year warfare that claimed the lives of millions and over 60,000 Australians. This day would become monumental piece of Australian history as the tradition of Remembrance Day would be born, where Australians across the country pause at 11am for an important one minute silence to pay respect to those who lost their lives, fighting for their country’s welfare.

The main national ceremony to remember those who lost their lives will take place at beloved Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Official attendees of the ceremony will include Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten along with Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and defence head Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin.

Today’s Remembrance Day in particular also marks another anniversary, one belonging to the war memorial, which was opened to all 75 years ago today. The memorial was said to be built during World War 2, whilst Australian troops were fighting in North Korea and Greece, where a month later they would be brought back, defending Pearl Harbour as well as the invasion against Malaya.

Up in Queensland, RSL president, Stewart Cameron stated that Remembrance Day has now become more relevant than ever, following the loss of ADF personnel in Afghanistan and Syria.

Sydney’s service is said to take place at the Australian National Maritime Museum in front of World War II Commando vessel, Krait, a fishing boat that was converted to be used to sail Japanese-occupied waters in one of the most dangerous and bold missions by a team of Special Unit Commandos. This event in particular will see members of the World War 2 Commando Association and the Australian Commando Association.