Control the new Samsung S8 with your voice

Control the new Samsung S8 with your voice

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Samsung have announced that they’re introducing a digital assistant to their new Samsung S8. Samsung is launching Bixby, a new voice control app, which has actually been hidden in devices for years. Bixby is the tech company’s way of improving the customer experience, and creating a streamlined assistant that can link to certain apps. The way you’ll be able to tell what kind of apps Bixby can use are the ones that say that they’re ‘Bixby Enabled’.

Samsung S8 users will be able to tell Bixby everything they require from the phone, which removes the need to learn how to use the intricacies of the device.

However, critics are concerned that Samsung would make this announcement a week before the Samsung S8 is set to be released. The S8 is going to launch on March 29th, so there’s no way to tell whether or not Bixby will be easier to use than other voice controlled apps like Apple’s Siri. Although Samsung says Bixby will have a better understanding of the natural voice, and therefore be better than its rivals, there’s no way to tell this claim until the phone comes out.

Bixby only lets you control your phone at the moment, although there are rumours that Samsung is planning to expand, with the recent acquisition of Viv. Viv is an AI startup company that specialises in enabling a conversational interface with almost anything.

Many people also think that Samsung planning to integrate Bixby into all of its technology, such as smart televisions and their smart washing machines. If Samsung pursued this path, they would be throwing their hat in the ring in the virtual assistant race currently led by Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa is integrated in many technologies, from vacuum cleaners to even some smart cars. Samsung could be looking to defend their position as a leading technology innovator.