Samsung’s up in flames

samsung washing machine

Electronic multinational company Samsung’s reputation has gone up in flames after several top loaders have turned out to be faulty.

Back in early July, Glenhaven Resident Phoebe Teitzel used her Samsung top loader in the morning, before heading to work. She was more than a little alarmed when she received a phone call, telling her that smoke was belching out of her basement window.

In an email correspondence earlier in May 2015, a product safety officer incorrectly assured Ms Teitzel that her serial number came up as “modified” and that her top loader was safe to use.”

“Over 144,500 washing machines have been recalled since mid 2013” (Fairfax Media, 2016) but unfortunately Ms Teitzel’s wasn’t one of them.


Image Credit SMH

Phoebe returned home to see her laundry sustain minor smoke damage and is more disappointed that the company didn’t apologise, saying, “Why wouldn’t they tell me that? This whole thing, on every level, makes me feel like they don’t care about the public” (SMH, 2016). 

The supposedly recalled products resulted in emergency visits to the hospital and houses catching on fire. “Two children were left covered in black, toxic, chemical grease” (Women’s Weekly, 2016).

CHOICE indicated that there are almost “144,000 Samsung machines affected by this faulty wiring problem, and an estimated 83,000 are still in Australian homes” (Women’s Weekly, 2016). Smoke inhalation, serious injuries and even death of animals could have resulted from this fatal error by Samsung.


Image Credit SMH

Samsung urges consumers who may be impacted by the recall to visit or call 1800 239 655. Full refunds are available. 

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