Scott Morrison is Australia’s 30th Prime Min...

Scott Morrison is Australia’s 30th Prime Minister

After a week of backstabbing, resignations, and liberal spill after liberal spill, the nation finally has a Prime Minister. Scott Morrison has been confirmed as Australia’s 6th Prime Minister since 2007. Morrison takes over the position from Malcolm Turnbull, after yesterday pledging his support for the former PM before the media.

In a party room meeting that lasted about 40 minutes, the former treasurer narrowly won the vote 45 to 40 against fellow candidate Peter Dutton. Foreign Affairs minister and former Deputy PM Julie Bishop was also in the running for the top job, but was defeated by Morrison in the first round of voting.

Morrison is possibly most famous for his involvement in the refugee crisis, as the former Immigration Minister. ScoMo was an integral part of the development of Operation Sovereign Borders, which pledged to “stop the boats”.

Minister for Environment and Energy, and Member for Kooyong, Josh Frydenberg, has been elected as Deputy Prime Minister.