Starbucks underfilling customers

Starbucks has recently come under scrutiny over claims it has under-filled customer cups. Two California residents are suing Seattle-based coffee giants for claims that Starbucks have cut corners to create smaller lattes since 2009. The company attempted to save money on milk. Eventually they did save money but were caught red handed for fraud and false advertising.

Starbucks were well aware it was falsely advertising its coffee. Baristas were made to leave a quarter of an inch of free space at the top of each latte. It seems the industry standard ‘fill to’ lines were up to 75% full and simply too low. When told about this, Starbucks’ only come back was that they would “gladly remake the coffee.”

Image Credit

Image Credit News Corp. Starbucks’ only come back was that they would “gladly remake the coffee.”

U.S District Judge Thelton Henderson in San Francisco has taken action and two Starbucks customers Siera Strumlauf of San Francisco and Benjamin Robles of Carlsbad, Calif are proceeding with a lawsuit.

It seems it’s not the first time customers have been infuriated with Starbucks. In May of this year, it was shown that the amount of ice in iced coffees was too high compared to the ratio of coffee. The Venti iced coffee is falsely advertised as having 709 ml of iced coffee based on Starbucks’ advertisements and advertising. Instead it was less than 350ml. One woman from Chicago claims she sued for $US5 million and won.

Let’s hope Starbucks stop being cheapskates and give customers the correct ice and milk they deserve!

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