Telstra rebrand to evolve from a telco into a tech...

Telstra rebrand to evolve from a telco into a tech company

Telstra has announced a new brand campaign as part of it’s aim to evolve from a telecommunications company into a technology-driven one. The rebrand hopes to reflect Telstra’s vision of a connected world and highlight it’s support for an development of the startup ecosystem.

Telstra group managing director of media and marketing Joe Pollard told The Australian Financial Review that the rebrand is part of expanding peoples perception of Telstra as both a local and global brand.

“Super important to us is that we’re one brand globally. This strategy, this work, will go everywhere. Whether you’re in Hong Kong, the US, the UK or Australia, the same look, feel, emotive connection is something that we really pushed ourselves on.”

The rebrand is the first major transformation the company has had in five years. Telstra is now demonstrating how the company is providing the best experiences and solutions to its customers, through innovative technology and support of local startups, with Pollard also acknowledging the high-profile issues the company has faced over the last few months in terms of service outages.

“We want to reset the brand after some of the recent outages and say ‘this is who we are, this is what we stand for, we’re loud and proud of a number of things that Telstra is and will continue to be in the future,” said Pollard.

Source: Startup Daily