The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatch: Toyota’s Best...

The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatch: Toyota’s Best Yet

Hitting the road this August, Toyota’s 2019 Corolla Hatch is set to bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘compact-car’. Not only does Toyota bring new design and more efficient powertrains, the technology sees the Corolla competing in a market alongside the Volkswagen Golf and the Mazda 3. Providing the budget commuter with something to offer in style, comfort and performance. Said to be one of the best Corolla’s yet!

What you can expect:


As seen in previous models and across the brand, the 2019 Corolla will be fully equipped with the second generation of the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) driver aid technology. TSS 2.0 takes the model and the brand forward in the safety game like never before.

Expect to see advancements in emergency braking, cyclist detection and low-light pedestrian detection. Adaptive cruise and Lane Tracing Assist technology feature as well, with off-highway, lane departure warnings and a new driver alertness monitor that detects swerving to target tiredness in drivers.

Add on the standard reversing camera and the option for blind-spot monitoring in some versions, the TSS 2.0 can even display road signs in the instrument cluster.

Dynamic Force engine

A new Dynamic Force 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine powers the Hatchback, with 168 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque. The engine features software intelligence that enables smoother upshift engagement, hill assistance, rev-matching for downshifts, stall suppression and a six-speed manual transmission.

It features a fixed clutch-engaged first gear that improves off-the-line performance and feel. Toyota’s new TNGA platform showcases a body that is lower, longer and wider than before. This new backbone means the hatchback is 60 percent stiffer than the outgoing models, however, the 2019 model’s lightweight hatchback door helps align the the 3,060-pound curb weight with the proficiency of previous generations.

All these features contribute towards improved fuel economy. Exact figures on performance are yet to be released.

Entune 3.0

Inside, meet Entune 3.0. This generation of Entune features new remote access and monitoring via Toyota’s phone and smartwatch application and Alexa Skill integrations through Verizon 4G LTE-connected technologies.

The 8-inch touchscreen is vibrant, crisp and most compatible with the standard Apple CarPlay connectivity. Android Auto is not available for this generation, however Scout GPS Link app provides users with an alternative low-cost navigation option. Amongst this, say hello to an 800-watt, eight-speaker JBL audio system.

A solid choice

This tech trendy car certainly provides bang for your buck and is soon to be deemed one of the best-selling small cars on the market. Toyota is without a doubt a leader in the compact-car category and it is safe to say the Corolla is one to watch in 2019.