Things you did not know about Google


Google is celebrating 18 years of the being the world’s largest internet company. If you visit the website you’ll find balloons and a little animation doodle on the home screen. To honour the company that has always been able to answer any questions we have, here are some facts you did not know about the site.

Google has a pet T-Rex outside of it’s HQ

This skeleton stands outside of the headquarters and is meant to remind the employees that the company must not go extinct.  You will also realise the T-Rex is also hidden on Google Chrome, when you are working offline or your internet has timed out.

The logo was not in the middle until 2001


Even minor details can really change history on the internet such as the Google logo moving into the middle a few years after it’s release.

Type in Atari breakout and play!


Relive your childhood by playing the game that everyone played in the childhood.

Google HQ rent goats

You read it right, Google Headquarters rents goats from California Grazing to mow their lawns and fields. Employers think that watching goats mow the lawn is a lot cuter than people mowing a lawn.

Tip Calculator

Ever needed to know what your tip should be when you eat at an amazing restaurant and need to tip the waiter. Well Google also has a search engine for that. Quickly type in the bill price and it will do the math for you.

Play Google’s old doodles

By hitting ‘I’m feeling lucky’ it takes you to the archive of different doodles that have been used in the past for different events.