Trump addresses USA through YouTube


In the two weeks since his election, President Trump has not shied away from breaking with tradition. Being the first reality TV star to become President of the US, Trump has neglected traditions such as the First Family’s residence in the White House and communicating with the press, among many others.

Yesterday, instead of holding the customary post-election press conference, Trump has addressed the American public through a short YouTube video. In it, he explains that he, and his “truly great and talented” transition team, have determined the executive actions the President will take in the first day of office.

The actions mentioned are the cessation of US participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (which he labelled “a potential disaster for our country”), the negation of restrictions on American energy production, reduced regulations, increased cyber security, investigation into manipulations of the visa program, and a five-year ban on lobbyists.

While all of these actions sound definitive and proactive, the specific details were lacking from the President’s delivery. The addition of the emphasis on everyone at the end of the video makes it evident that Trump knows he still has many Americans to win over. The glaring absence of any mention of “The Wall” shows that he is trying to be conciliatory in his early days.

Obviously his social media team had heard that YouTube was popular with the kids, and decided that it was the best outlet for Presidential addresses. One thing is definite, this President won’t be keeping up the customs.

Watch the video below.