Muted and listening. Black lives matter!

Muted and listening. Black lives matter!

Calling all non-black social media users! On 1st June, @blackandembodied (Alishia McCullough) and @jessicawilson.msrd (Jessica Wilson) challenged worldwide virtual communities to subvert social media censorship. Sparked by the homicide of George Floyd on May 25, the #amplifymelanatedvoices movement became live on social media a week after the tragedy. Since George Floyd’s death, mass protests in the US, both violent and peaceful, have digitally engaged the global community, demonstrating the immense power of social media today. 

Happening this week, June 1st – 7th, #amplifymelanatedvoices took over Instagram, TikTok and Twitter to expose the prevalence of racial bias on social media. “Social media censorship and algorithms often sideline content from people of colour,” says Liz Sommer.  #Amplifymelanatedvoices urge us to reflect and think critically about the censorship of our social media engagement, which may centre around white people. In a cluttered world of fake news allegations and impoverished media companies, it is difficult to realise exactly how the content we encounter are selected for us, by someone or something else, and its implication on freedom of expression. 

While lootingmilitary threats and demands for justice #blacklivesmatter rifled havoc across the US, many individuals, influencers, bloggers, and companies have declared their participation and support to#amplifymelanatedvoices.

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I will not be posting my own content from June 1st to June 7th in order to #amplifymelanatedvoices created by @jessicawilson.msrd & @blackandembodied to share and amplify the voices of Black people, creators, activists, healers and change makers. We are silencing our feed to create space for Black, Indigenous & People of Color to Share their stories, art, and inspiring work on this platform. If you love, or are a Black creator or POC and would like to share your mental health, wellness, spiritually or healing page in the comments you are invited to do so. Some Black, Indigenous and People of Color who you can follow and engage with (more tags in the comments) @rachel.cargle.
@lovelandfoundation @tiffanydloftin @nedratawwab @lalahdelia @alex_elle @koyawebb @tracee_stanley @dr.thema @theluanarose @ohhappydani @lylajune @iamsahararose @nataliegutierrezlmft @dr.marielbuque @blackandembodied @decolonizingtherapy @drtiffanylester @loveoffering @ijeomaoluo @seekwisdompcw We are in this together. Sending so much love.

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Follow @shaunking @kenidra4humanity @tamikadmallory @iamhaslsey @jameelajamilofficial on instagram to see on the ground content and updates on the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

To participate in the #amplifymelanatedvoices muted instagram challenge #mutethewhitenoise, @blackandembodied and @jessicawilson.msrd ask non-Black social media users to abstain from posting their own content from June 1st-7th and to share content from creators of colour instead.

To support the Black Lives Matter Movement, do not use #blm in your post because it clogs the feed #amplifymelanatedvoices and #mutethewhitenoise call for.

Trending hashtags: #blackouttuesday #blacklivesmatter #bipoc #amplifymelanatedvoices #race #racism #georgefloyd #white #whiteprivilege #white #peopleofcolor #melanin #ImBlack #ImBlackMovement #BlackVoicesHeard.

Let’s listen and learn. Mute your feed June 1st-7th and engage with content creators of colour. 

For more information: @blackandembodied and @jessicawilson.msrd.