What’s New in iOS 9.3


Apple is releasing iOS 9.3 in the very near future. With Development Beta Testers already downloading it and using it. Here are the top features so far:

  • The Notes App now has the ability to lock personal information with Touch ID or passcode
  • Night Shift – Darkens and Warms the screen for viewing at night time
  • Enhanced Education Functionality

Notes Security:


Users have long been worried about storing their personal information on their devices, Apple has responded by including the option to lock the notes app with passcode or Touch ID.

Night Shift:


Research has shown that viewing devices at night time has a negative effect on sleep. This lead to a range of 3rd party apps like flux that automatically darkens and dims the screen after sun down. Apple has responded with the native functionality that now works off the clock and the device’s geolocation to provide the same effect.



Education is the main focus for the update. Apple has provided the ability for students to keep all their learning materials in the one place and accessible via login. The Classroom App also allows a teacher to control all the iPads in a classroom and also view student’s screens.

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