You’ve Got Mail: Android Malware Erases Phon...

You’ve Got Mail: Android Malware Erases Phone via Text

In the wake of this weeks iPhone ‘Retro bug’ debacle, a new virus is now haphazardly sweeping through Android phones. The Malware, dubbed Mazar, spreads via a single text message containing a multimedia link. If the user clicks the link within the SMS, the malware downloads under the guise of Tor Software. Once installed, the virus is said to erase data and forward all web traffic through a proxy, allowing attackers to collect and collate sensitive details from the users web activities.

Heimdal Security, the Denmark-based security company that discovered the malware, has suggested that over 100,000 phones have already received the Mazar text in Denmark alone. It is not yet known how far the virus has spread globally.

A number of sources have proposed that the virus may have originated from Russian Cyber-criminals. This supposition is largely based on insight that finds the virus will not install on Android Smartphones within Russia, or with the language set to Russian.

Although this virus emphasises Androids open system vulnerabilities, it seems reasonable that common sense could prevent the spread of the bug. If you are concerned about the Mazar virus, simply avoid opening and downloading links from random senders.