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Northern Territory Paying Aussies to Make the Move Up North

Northern Territory Paying Aussies to Make the Move Up North

Financial incentives are being offered to Australians who buy a house in the Northern Territory in a bid to attract more people to the state. The government is pledging $9.3 million towards plans to try and lure people, including migrants, up north.

The announcement is a part of the Northern Territory Population Growth Strategy 2018-2028 which aims to expand the Northern Territory’s economy. The plan is expected to add over 20,000 new jobs and $10.4 billion to the NT’s economy in the next ten years.

“The following ‘welcome pack’ of financial incentives has been developed to: encourage people to ‘give the move a go’ by providing relocation incentives, and reinforce to new migrants that they have made the ‘right’ decision,” the report proposes.

Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Michael Gunner, says that the initiative is not a new concept, and will be beneficial to the state long-term.

“Just about every regional centre in Australia is trying to grow their population. It’s a national trend,” Gunner told the SBS.

The NT has developed a list of “high priority” professions, and is offering extra incentives to people who work in these industries, including engineers and accountants. Discussions between the state and federal government will soon be underway soon in regards to an updated Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) to support semi-skilled and skilled overseas workers.

The incentives will be offered to couples, families, and individuals who choose to move up north.

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