4 Social Media Features You Need to Know

4 Social Media Features You Need to Know


Visual Search on Pinterest
There’s nothing more annoying than when you pin something that catches your eye but when it comes to purchasing it you have no idea where to get it from. Instead of spending hours on Google, the introduction of a new visual search tool will allow you tap a magnifying glass to focus in on the item you like in the picture and it will generate results of that item.

Live Streaming
Facebook has learnt a thing or two from live streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat, the main thing being that people love it. The popularity of broadcasting will continue to grow in 2016 with users people able to share their life in real time.

Image Recognition
Social media analytics just keeps getting better and better with Sysomos Gaze finding images of your brand across social channels and bringing them together in one place. There are already so many text-based analytics but considering the amount of imagery on social media this will take it one step further.

Buy Buttons
They may be tiny buttons added to a page but they make a huge difference for businesses and their customers. Although your bank account might disagree, the buy buttons will make your life easier by no longer needing to leave the app to make a purchase.

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