Amazon launches Alexa in virtual assistant race

Amazon launches Alexa in virtual assistant race

Amazon Alexa Echo

Amazon is vying against corporate giants Google and Apple with its integrated voice technology. Despite a failed attempt at their own smartphone, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has a new angle on the company’s role in the future of sophisticated voice command technology.

Amazon have found a new way of pitching for future supremacy in the rapidly changing world of device driven virtual assistants. The Amazon Echo is the hottest smart home product on the market. Suddenly, tech companies are negotiating to integrate their products with Amazon’s customisable virtual assistant, Alexa.

Previously a limited version of the app had been available as a single item for iOS users. The positive response from consumers propelled the recent integration of voice command technology in computers. The device-driven personal assistant is now the centre of a race to harness and reshape the future of this exploding technology.

With sophisticated home implementation already well established, Amazon is looking at the bigger picture. The company was the innovative force in voice command home technology with the Amazon Echo in 2014, which was closely followed by Google’s counterpart, Google Home. Again, Amazon are thinking outside the square with the smart phone and their proven virtual assistant Alexa.

Despite the significant failure of Amazon’s own Fire Phone, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has found a way to infiltrate the market share of smartphone consumers. Amazon has made the app more widely available to consumers and has also teamed up with smartphone competitors outside Apple and Google. Chinese tech company Huawei have integrated Amazon’s Alexa with it’s Mate 9 Smartphone. Lenovo, which owns the iconic Motorola brand, is in talks with Amazon to follow suit with Moto smartphones.

The technology race is on to determine which company can streamline all devices with one system that operates smoothly between devices from cars to home appliances. Amazon are off to a racing start in what will be a lifestyle revolution.