Apple granted patent for edge to edge design

Apple granted patent for edge to edge design

Apple have been granted the patent for an edge to edge design that coincides with details leaked about the launch of the iPhone 8. While some have been quick to dismiss the patent because Samsung have already released their own version of a curved edge to edge display, it should be noted that Apple applied for this patent 15 months before Samsung released their phone. There are also subtle differences between the two models.

2017 is set to be the year Apple finally changes it’s design with a new glass casing, a full borderless OLED display and, now, likely a curved edge to edge face. This means the beloved home button will be a thing of the past, and the Touch ID technology will be embedded directly into the display panel. This is a markedly different approach than Samsung’s Edge models.

The technology in the patent is further described as a screen with a built in ambient light sensor that controls an automatic adjustment, depending on the current lighting conditions. What’s more exciting for Apple fans is that there is a possibility that gestures (such as tapping, swiping and sliding) may be integrated into the edges of the phone to change the operating mode.

It’s worth pointing out that a small amount of Apple’s numerous patents are turned into the finished products. However, in the past 15 months this particular patent has been revised 3 times, and is actively being improved upon.