What’s new in Apple iOS 10.3

apple ios 10.3

It is rumoured that Apple is testing its brand new iOS 3 software update, and trials could begin as early as January 10th. One of the most interesting features, as reported by The Sun, is a new cinema mode.

It will appear in the control centre and will be pretty easy to recognise as the icon is allegedly a popcorn symbol. This new feature is said to dim your device at your request, along with other features to enable watching films on your phone. The feature will apparently allow you to to mute notifications in an improved version of silent mode.

Sonny Dickson (who is apparently a notorious Apple leakster) revealed the news on Twitter.

Previously, Apple users experienced a 30% battery drainage bug that dramatically affected the battery life of models from iPhone 5 through to 6S. Owners of the Apple devices claimed that the battery indicator would hit 30% battery capacity and their phones would die shortly after. Hopefully, the iOS 10.3 update will fix this unfortunate issue. Devoted Apple lovers are also hoping that the release of the iPhone 8 won’t be too far away, with rumours already flying about the design.

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