Contactless cards have arrived

contactless cards

Contactless smartphone payment systems are here and changing the way we deal with technology.

Senior Director of Product Management at Google Pali Bhat told Fairfax Media that “60 per cent of Australians already make payments with a contactless card. It’s a logical cohesion that will see wallets become a thing of the past” (SMH, 2016). 

contactless cards

Image Credit Sydney Morning Herald

Gone are the days where you forget your PIN to your debit card. As a culture that ‘tap and go’s’ on everything, efficiency will only continue to grow. You won’t have to worry about creating a strong password. It’s all about the pattern of password or fingerprint you use.

It doesn’t matter where you shop, if the retailer doesn’t have Android Pay, you can still wave your unlocked phone over any existing contactless terminal.

Major banks that currently offer the contactless payment functionality include ANZ, American Express and Macquarie. If you’ve got a Visa or American Express Card, you’re all good to roll. Mastercard and EFTPOS options will be coming soon.

Have a look at this new technology below:


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