Everything you need to know about iOS 10

Everything you need to know about iOS 10

iOS 10

Apple’s new iPhone software, iOS 10 was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) overnight and the new features definitely live up to its milestone software version number. Apple describes it as big, bold and beautiful. They say that everything we love is now even better with iOS 10, their biggest release yet. Here are some of the great features to look foward to:

Although it took Siri a while to fully understand our Aussie accents, she got there eventually. Now the voice recognition will get even better with Siri SDK. This new feature will allow developers of third-party apps to be able to incorporate it into their apps.

It was about the third time ending up in the middle of nowhere that we decided reverting to Google Maps was probably the best option. So it’s about time Apple Maps got a facelift. Finally, a pan and zoom mid-navigation option! Some extra features include making restaurant reservations, requesting an Uber and petrol station listings.

Rich links inline will mean you can play videos from YouTube or songs from Music without having to exit the messages app. You’ll also be able to write messages in “invisible ink”, that the recipient can only read after swiping.

They will be able to be presented three times bigger than before and Apple’s helping us be even more lazy by emojifying words.

Apple Music
With Spotify absolutely killing the music streaming market, Apple Music really needed a makeover. Everything will be much more clean so that users can more easily navigate. There will be a new tab for “downloaded music” as well as a “for you” section which will be a daily customised playlist that Apple thinks you’ll like.


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