Gift Idea for Star Wars fans: Fathers Day edition

Gift Idea for Star Wars fans: Fathers Day edition

Father’s day is just around the corner and everyone is quickly scurrying around trying to find something, why not buy him some Star Wars Merchandise he will enjoy, such as: wristbands, Star Wars toasters and R2-D2 popcorn machines.

BB-8 Wrist Band

BB-8 in the Star Wars universe is the most popular toy and character in Star Wars: EP VII. Sphero has now released the BB-8 Force Band that users wear on their wrist to battle and move the BB-8.

The gadget first appeared in early January of this year, letting you control the device with hand motions. The band has a sensor on it to understand where your hand is moving. It also features some Pokemon-Go features where you can collect different Star Wars characters.

Sphero has also announced there will be a ‘dirty’ version of BB-8, after it went through battle. The device has not yet been released in Australia but there is a chance we may have it in stock for Christmas. The retail price will be around $200 for the bundle, or the wrist band will be $79.

Ice Cube Tray


Keep your dad’s Whiskey or Scotch cool this spring with the Darth Vader silicone ice cube tray shaped with his signature helmet. They are perfect for themed parties or even just surprising him on Father’s Day. The moulds can also be used in the oven to make chocolates, whilst also being dishwasher safe for the hassle free wash.

R2-D2 Popcorn Maker



Sit down and relax with your dad this Father’s Day with the salty air popped treat. Maybe you can surprise your dad with a Star Wars marathon.  It’s easy as, putting the kernels inside the bot and waiting for him to pop out some delicious popcorn.

Toast of the Dark Side



Vader never starts his day without some toast- so why should your dad? Make your father some toast with the Star Wars logo on it, as easy as putting the bread in and just waiting till it pops back up. You can make him various toasts such as: English Muffins, Pastry or just white & multigrain bread.